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Leaders in the supply of modern aluminium Bioclimatic Pergolas are market leaders in the supply of the innovative, high-quality Bioclimatic Pergola – Designed to suit your comfort outdoor needs.



Controlled by a remote or app to adjust your pergola to your mood


Provides protection against all weather conditions


An innovative, high-quality product with a 5-year guarantee

A modern living area designed to work outside

For more comfort, take advantage of additional equipment. The modular design of our pergolas allows for numerous additional options. Adjusted sizes, wide range of colours, side ZIP blinds and sliding panels in various versions, glass walls, installed lights, heating, music.

Regulate the temperature, control sunlight

Protection from the sun / Ventilation

Protect yourself from rain, extend the outdoor season

Internal water drainage / stability in wind

Personalized comfort

Lighting / Heaters / Speakers / Sliding Panels / Glass Panels / Zip Rollos

Why Should You Choose Us?

We develop and produce excellent products for improving the quality of life. Contact us to arrange a free survey and quotation.